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  2012.03.12  15.12
I really need to stop reading MDC

The amount of paranoia, and hand wringing is out of control! If there wasn't some good stuff on there I'd never look back.


  2011.02.20  21.40
2011 in 2011

This is not a book reading list, or photos to take or lofty goals to meet.

This is to get crap out of my house.

I found a thread on MDC about de-cluttering 2011 thing in the calender year of 2011. You can make up the rules for yourself. About what to count and how you count it. I'm putting this here as a reminder to myself and to better hold myself accountable.

Rules for Caryn's 2011 in 2011:
Things that are taking up space being put to use count towards the total. (ex. Curtains that are in a box are taken out and hung up. Were clutter, now useful.)

The emotional weight counts. There might be one pen that is harder to toss than an entire box of books. It's OK to count the pen as one, and the whole box as one instead of the individual titles inside.

Not counting everyday recycling and trash UNLESS I have ignored it for so long it has become part of our home landscape. Then I might count it.

I am not counting new things in against my total.

Today I Have Purged:
20- We took two big trash-bags of clothing to the Goodwill, I'm counting this as 20 items, it was more (lots of kids stuff) but I think 20 is a fair number.

1- electric skillet unused for at least a year

1- part of a broken chair

1- bear headed gift box the baby latched onto and decided was hers

2- broken couch and cushions and bits of metal framing


I have a long way to go.


  2010.07.23  12.39
Ummm Yeah...

I write like
Margaret Atwood

I Write Like by Mémoires, Mac journal software. Analyze your writing!


  2010.06.03  13.29
Memorial Day Weekend Adventure

On Saturday we went down to visit The Relatives. We we're going to stop in and see both sets, but we were informed that it was B's parent's 31st wedding anniversary and to Please Stay Away. So we did. We know how to take a hint.

We had breakfast with Mom and GG and my sister. They're as well as ever, Mom's eternally passive aggressive, GG's avoidant and Becka is loud. Good times.

We blitzed through the commissary and zoomed home so we could help Nashi unload. It was her big move day and she needed people to hold up the other end of the coffee table for her, so I gallantly offered up B. It's so convenient that she now lives literally AROUND THE CORNER. Of course, since Nashi lives on NashiTime, the "Oh yeah, we're TOTALLY going to be there at like... 1:30 at the latest." Turned into them rolling in at 5. But we helped unload and then we were rewarded with the traditional pizza dinner.

Sunday we did ATM banking, and then we just lazed around all day. If we did something note worthy, I can't remember.

Monday we tried to get new tires for the car (they were closed), an oil change for the car, and then IKEA! We got there at 9 even though they don't open until 10 because we figured it would be a zoo. And it was. In the end we got a play table and chair for Doro, an small area carpet, a waste paper basket, batteries for the smoke detectors (which I still need to replace), and 3 bars of chocolate. I ended up not getting a gift card for Red while we were there because I forgot to check my messages before we left home. I hope she likes Target ones just as well. I also didn't get the toddle wagon I was hoping to pick up because it would have put me over budget.

Then when we got home, we found out why the in-laws didn't want us to visit them on Saturday. They were out of town. More precisely, they were at the Shore buying a beach house. This strange feeling I have? This must be what marrying into money feels like.


  2010.05.31  15.44
A Map

visited 28 states (56%)
Create your own visited map of The United States

28 states down


  2010.05.17  16.38
A General Life Update

In case anyone is still reading.

Now with bullet points for your convenience.

baby stuff
- In a few short months we will have the baby paid off!! YAY!! Even with super-awesome insurance, 5 weeks plus in the NICU is spendy. This helps alleviate the subconscious money worry I tote around with me. Not that we're broke. I actually just realized how well we're doing, all things considered. We live in, like, the most expensive place in the state, and B makes enough that I can be a stay at home mom.

- I'm considering joining Mom and Me activities with Doro. But I'm not sure what to pursue. Baby Gym? Baby Dance? Baby Swim? Maybe some kind of hippie-AP-babywearing-LLL thing? I'm taking all advise, especially from non parents.

- She is staggering/walking/lunging from couch to chair to table and back again. Her vocalizations are also becoming more "word like" if that makes any sense. She's getting much better at petting the cats. Angus no longer runs from her, however Troga still avoids all contact.

me stuff
- I'm writing, slowly but surely, I just really need to get like a 3 hour block to get most of it out. I keep getting snippets, but then life happens and then I can't get back in the right mind set again, and then I forget where I was going.

- There's a bit of experimentation with fiber arts happening. I keep thinking of little things I can make in small bursts while keeping an eye on Doro. If there's any spare fun money I'm considering hitting up the craft store for some felt and boogly eyes. Photos of (hopefully not crappy) stuff to follow.

- I miss bread baking and had given it up due to time issues, but I might be getting into it again in my never ending quest to eliminate soy from my diet.

- I have begun The Plotting for our wedding anniversary. Any and all ideas welcome.


  2010.01.21  08.51
applesauce cake

l/2 cup canola oil
l cup sugar
2 cups unbleached flour
2 cups applesauce
l l/2 tsp. baking soda
l tsp. cinnamon
l/2 tsp. nutmeg
l/2 tsp. vanilla
l/2 cup raisins (opt.)

Mix oil and sugar well, add applesauce and mix in the dry ingredients. Beat until smooth.

Pour in an oiled and floured 9" x l3" pan and bake at 350* for 30-35 minutes or into an oiled loaf pan and bake for 45 - 50 minutes until done. This cake is even better the next day.

(This recipe is from The New Farm Vegetarian Cookbook) and submitted by MHVS secretary Carol Vito where it was well received at a recent board meeting. Our nutritional adviser
suggests using whole wheat pastry flour or 1 cup unbleached and one cup whole wheat. Walnut oil can be used instead of canola. Also organic sugar is a good choice (it is not filtered through bone char as some commercial sugar is)


  2009.09.30  12.59
Well then

Day 2 of morning nausea.


  2009.04.10  12.56
12 Months

B and I moved into this apartment a year ago.
Eleven months ago I proved to myself that I could get, and hold, a job that wasn't retail and required me to use more than half my brain.
Ten months ago B proposed to me and I accepted.
Nine months ago I celebrated my 27th birthday.
Eight months ago B celebrated his birthday as well.
Seven months ago we were wed.
Six months ago we got our first ultrasound of our beautiful baby.
Five months ago I was promoted.
Four months ago we had the horrible snow, our downstairs neighbor's pipe burst and we had Holiday Hell in Olympia.
Three months ago I found out I wasn't eligible for maternity leave, and we decided I'd stay home when the baby came.
Two months ago the baby came!
One month ago she was actually allowed to leave the NICU and we brought her home.
And this month?
Well, it's not over yet.
It's been a pretty good year.


  2009.02.09  18.36
Ladies and Gentlemen....

We have Thunder-Snow.

I told B, tomorrow, it'll be locusts....


  2009.01.28  12.45
2 Awesome Things Today

1. We have running water in the kitchen again.

2. Watching my belly bounce as the baby does back-flips.

That's it!


  2008.11.05  07.36
And continuing in the theme of Politics.

Happy Guy Fawkes night!!!

I gotta go scrounge some firecrackers.


  2008.10.27  10.12
Well, it is official.

In 25 weeks, I'll be a parent.

I know you can't tell, this being a text based medium and all, but I am beside myself with glee.


  2008.04.11  15.51
I am.

I am sitting.
I am sitting at the computer.
I am sitting at the computer in my apartment.
I am sitting at the computer in my apartment I share.
I am sitting at the computer in my apartment I share with my boyfriend.
I am sitting at the computer in my apartment I share with my boyfriend in Seattle.


  2006.06.05  23.01
I'm stealing Rachel's thunder.

My Fall 06 Schedule...

Monday and Wednesday
History of the Arts and Crafts Movement
6-930 with Ann Storey and Jeff Bremer

Tuesday and Thursday
1-3 with Mike Moran
6-8 with Daryl Morgan

Yay sleeping in!!

Evergreen Singers
6-8 with Marla Beth Elliott